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Ab'aad | ابعاد


“Ab’aad (ابعاد) is a monthly Urdu journal published in Islamabad, known for its unique and thought-provoking content. The publication features a diverse range of essays on subjects such as philosophy, mathematics, physics, Iqbaliat, and literature, as well as rare and exceptional short stories. The Chief Editor, Idrees Azad, also writes a unique and futuristic science fiction novel in episodes for the publication. If you are a student or parent, Ab’aad is a valuable resource for gaining fresh and enriching knowledge each month. It goes beyond providing mere information and offers philosophical essays and stories that are useful for students of all disciplines. The magazine also includes a monthly article on mathematics, making complex concepts more comprehensible, and an essay or article on physics. It is a unique magazine that provides real scientific knowledge, not just popular information. For those interested in Iqbal studies, Ab’aad offers a unique and distinct article each month on Iqbaliat, which is essential for students of BS, MS URDU, and Iqbaliat. Currently, Ab’aad is only available in print form and not online.”

About the author

Idris Azad has written more than 20 books on different topics and delivered hundreds of the lectures in different conferences and seminars.

Idrees Azad is a writer, philosopher, lecturer, poet and research scholar. His topics of interest are mostly philosophical in nature i.e., Time and Space, Ontology, Existentialism, Iqbal Studies, Philosophy of Science (especially physics), Logic, Evolutionary Theory, Literature, Linguistics, History and Sociology.

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