Companion to Philosophy & Logic

2nd Edition

About the author

Idris Azad has written more than 20 books on different topics and delivered hundreds of the lectures in different conferences and seminars.

Idrees Azad is a writer, philosopher, lecturer, poet and research scholar. His topics of interest are mostly philosophical in nature i.e., Time and Space, Ontology, Existentialism, Iqbal Studies, Philosophy of Science (especially physics), Logic, Evolutionary Theory, Literature, Linguistics, History and Sociology.

Companion to Philosophy and Logic,
as Syllabus.

This book was written as a syllabus for the students of BS Physics and Mathematics at International Islamic University, Islamabad. In fact, with the beginning of semester system in most of the universities in Pakistan, there has been a huge demand of definite and specified contents for almost all of the minor-courses for the students of BS in almost all disciplines. Usually, an entire semester is dedicated to the introduction to Philosophy, Logic, Sociology, Mathematics etc. in most of the universities.

This book is now taught in many universities throughout the country (Pakistan), including International Islamic University, Islamabad and Bahauddin Zakariya University (BZU), Multan. It’s one of the most appreciated minor-courses textbooks, just because of its compactness and thoroughness.

Book Chapters

Exercises, Assignments, MCQs, Assessment Questions and Objective Types are also given at the end of every chapter, which is again an impressive feature of this publication for the wellbeing of students.

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