Ali Publications

A venture that has roots in New York and Islamabad.

Ali Publications is a New York (USA) and Islamabad (Pakistan) based company. It’s a very fresh endeavor in the field of book publishing. We are being prepared to bring a revolution in the “Falling Industry” of book-publishing in Pakistan.  We are missionary towards book reading in this chaotic era of not-reading-from-paper because of the gigantic attacks of touch-screen media in the world of information. We want to bring knowledge at your doorstep instead of just the information.

We are prepared to publish a lot of great mainstream books from all around the world. We are busy consulting great authors, translators, writer and academicians all the time.

Ali Publications does not belong to any specific sect, party or group of people, but we love to stay ideological as humanitarians. Our priority is to contribute as an active part of the society in order for bringing the change to the Pakistani Nation and the world.

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